Cleaning Areas

Expanded Services to Clean our Busiest Areas

The University District Business Improvement Area (UDBIA) has two expanded service cleaning areas (see map below) in which the properties within these areas pay an additional assessment to fund the scope of work below. The U District Partnership (UDP) manages coordinates and manages the regular cleaning of these areas, on behalf of the UDBIA, through contracted cleaning professionals.

U District Business Improvement Area map and boundaries

Black Mountain Services

The current contractor for the UDBIA cleaning areas is Black Mountain. To reach them, contact owner Dex Montenegro at or (206) 519-7881.

Litter Removal

Black Mountain will pick up litter in all city right-of-ways within the cleaning areas boundaries. This will be done with pickers, powered blowers, and the use of a broom and dustpan.

Graffiti Removal

Black Mountain will provide graffiti removal on a case-by-case basis up to 8’ off the ground. Graffiti will be wiped off unpainted surfaces. On painted surfaces, it will be painted out using a grey stain blocking primer, preparing your building to be color matched and painted by the property. Please call if the graffiti is on masonry surfaces. These need to be evaluated on whether it can be removed by us or would need to be done by a graffiti removal specialist. Black Mountain will remove any stickers and illegal postings in the right-of-way.

Seasonal Cleaning

During the fall, Black Mountain will pick up the fallen leaves from the trees in the Cleaning Areas. In the case of snow, Black Mountain will shovel the snow on the sidewalks and apply salt to ensure a walkable surface.

Pressure Washing

Black Mountain will provide 8-hours of regular pressure washing every month. This limited amount of pressure washing is cycled through the cleaning areas and is scheduled through our office. If you would like to have additional pressure washing done outside your business or building, you can contact the UDP to arrange for additional pressure washing to be done for a fee.

Biohazard Removal

Black Mountain will also provide 24-hour biohazard removal within the cleaning areas. Please contact them to report any biohazards. We strongly recommend that you use their professional services for these dangerous items as Black Mountain is trained to ensure safe disposal!



To find out more about the cleaning services within the UDBIA cleaning areas, contact the UDP’s Clean and Safe Program Manager, Marcus Johnson, at