U Rideshare

Sharing the ride to work in either a car pool or a van pool is a great way to save on the cost of commuting.

Finding a rideshare can take a little bit of planning like finding people from the same neighborhood going to the same ending destination. Do you work or volunteer in the U District? Want to get matched with a rideshare? See our Commuter Services page for more details.

What is a Vanpool & What is a Carpool

A vanpool is a group of 5-15 people who share a ride to work in a van that is owned, insured and maintained by a transit agency such as King County Metro. Each individual vanpool decides their own schedule, pick up and drop off points based on the group’s needs.

Carpooling is more flexible and involves at least one other person. You can carpool all the time or occasionally as a supplement to the way you regularly commute.

Rideshare Resources