Business Profile: Morsel

Interior of Morsel restaurantMorsel Restaurant Serves Up Hearty Biscuit Creations

Owner Kekoa Chin-Hidano opened Morsel in 2013 in a small storefront on the Ave. He started in the U District because he appreciates the atmosphere. “I like that it’s lively!” he said. His biscuit and gravy creations became so popular that he moved to a larger location in 2018. “We just needed more space in every facet of the business,” he explained.

Now located at 5000 University Way, Morsel has a spacious seating area filled with students and folks who live and work in the neighborhood. On Saturdays, the U District Farmers Market brings in people from all over the city.

Morsel serves large, house-made buttermilk, cheddar chive, and gluten free biscuits which can be paired with sausage or mushroom gravy. Morsel also offers other toppings created in-house including maple butter, tomato jam, chocolate hazelnut butter and pickled jalapenos. One of the most popular menu items is the Spanish Fly sandwich with prosciutto, manchego cheese, fried egg, arugula, and pickled pepper aioli on a biscuit.

Currently, the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch. Manager Brandon Sliva is creating a new dinner menu and Morsel will soon open in the evening. “Hopefully, in a few months we should have the new dinner menu completed and staffing sorted out,” Chin-Hidano said.

Chin-Hidano also owns Koa, a lunch-only restaurant serving Hawaiian specialties in Morsel’s former location at 4754 University Way NE. He appreciates the success of both of his U District restaurants and said, “Thanks for all your support over the last six years! It’s been a pleasure to serve y’all and we’ll keep working hard and doing our best!”

Morsel, 5000 University Way NE, open daily 8 am to 3 pm.