Business Profile: PAWS Cat City

Exterior photo of PAWS Cat CityPAWS Cat City Offers Pet Adoptions in the U District

by Jennifer Astion

If you are a cat lover, you might enjoy spending a moment in front of the windows of PAWS Cat City on Roosevelt. This cat adoption center features large windows into the play areas for felines waiting for new homes. “We love being in the U District because we get a lot of foot traffic,” explains Cat City Manager Rebecca Oertel. Cat City moved to the U District in the spring of 2011. The shelter has three home-like rooms where cats can explore and play. If you go through the process of adopting a cat, you can also spend time one on one with a cat in a private room. Even if you are not planning to bring a pet home, you can support the work of PAWS by shopping for toys and cat supplies at Cat City. You can also donate directly to PAWS on their website. PAWS Cat City is open daily except Wednesdays. 5200 Roosevelt Way NE Suite B, Seattle, WA 98105, 206.782.1700.