Business Profiles: Rekindle School

A woman looks through a camera in one photo. In a second photo a woman holds a microphone while wearing headphones.

Photo courtesy of Rekindle School

Rekindle School Brings Creative Classes to the U District

The Rekindle School offers classes in art, writing, acting, stand-up comedy and film-making on the University of Washington campus and at Artist & Craftsman Supply. The school operates without a storefront. “About 75 percent of our students are members of the general public who find us online by searching for topics such as “Acting Classes Seattle”, “Seattle Art Classes, “Stand Up Comedy” or “Voice Over Classes in Seattle,” explains instructor Nils Osmar.

Acting classes are extremely popular. “Our acting classes draw in dozens of students every quarter, so many that we have over a dozen different ones now, with new sections starting every month,” says Osmar.

Students take classes for a variety of reasons – to overcome stage fright, express their creativity or explore a new career. “A great many of them want to improve their abilities in performing in public, but a vast majority actually want to pursue an avocation as voice over actors or announcers in radio,” instructor Rick May says about his voiceover students.

Students appreciate the central location and beauty of the UW campus. A number of classes are held in the UW’s South Campus Center near the Ship Canal. “Our students have told us they love being able to attend classes in that area,” says Osmar.

The classes at Artist & Craftsman give students a first-hand opportunity to explore art supplies. “If a student attending an art class asks about a brush or palette for one of our painting classes, we can walk out with them into the store and show them the materials they’re asking about,” says Osmar.

The school contributes to the artistic spirit of the U District by bringing students into the neighborhood and giving them an opportunity to explore their creativity. As Osmar explains, “the most fun thing has been seeing the difference it can make to everyone, regardless of their background, ethnicity, age, politics, income status, or what they do for a living, to reconnect to their creative hearts. The creativity is totally theirs, it’s inside of them already; I’m happy when our classes can help them rekindle it.”

Rekindle School offers classes throughout the summer. Find the full schedule at