The UDP’s Partnership with Seattle Police Department

Partnerships to Make Our Neighborhood Safer for AllSeattle Mayor Durkan, SPD Chief Best and others with Marcus Johnson award July 2019

At the U District Partnership (UDP), we work closely with our local law enforcement and fire department to increase neighborhood safety and better connect our community with the professionals dedicated to serving and protecting them. We also advocate for additional police presence and resources when hotspots or recurring issues arise.


Foot-Beat Patrol

The UDP strongly advocated for dedicated foot-beat team from the Seattle Police Department’s North Precinct to visit the U District. These officers now regularly patrol the neighborhood on foot.  Having a dedicated team allows the police officers to establish relationships with residents and become well acquainted with the unique context of the U District. We work regularly with the foot-beat officers to share information about neighborhood issues and opportunities.


Community Police Team

Community Police Team Officers focus on long-term and chronic problems in specific neighborhoods – problems that are often outside the bounds of regular patrol work. It is their job to understand the ongoing problems and concerns of neighbors and businesses. The U District has a dedicated Community Police Team Officer and you can find their contact information here.


LEAD Program

In the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) program, police officers exercise discretionary authority at point of contact to divert individuals to a community-based, harm-reduction intervention for low-level offenses such as drug possession, sales, and prostitution. In lieu of the normal criminal justice system cycle, individuals are instead referred into a trauma-informed intensive case-management program where the individual receives a wide range of support services, often including transitional and permanent housing and/or drug treatment. LEAD was launched in downtown Seattle in 2011 and has expanded nationwide as an effective collaborative program for positive community change. Read more about the LEAD Program in King County here.


People gather in U Heights park

U District Night Out

Night Out is a free national event promoted in Seattle by Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention. It is designed to heighten crime prevention awareness, increase neighborhood support in anti-crime efforts, and unite our communities. During the evening of the event, neighbors take to local streets or parks to share food, music, and each others company while also meeting their local police and fire officers. The UDP hosts U District Night Out with our amazing community partners, every year on the first Tuesday in August.