Mobility & Transportation

The U District’s public infrastructure is getting a major overhaul, including a new Link Light Rail station, redesigned streetscapes, and new bus routes. Below is more information about city-led development projects in the U District.


Link Light Rail U District Station

The new Link Light Rail Station located on Brooklyn Avenue Northeast between Northeast 45th and Northeast 43rd streets, serves University Way NE retail and businesses, nearby residents and the west side of the UW campus. Two entrances along Brooklyn Avenue Northeast take passengers to the platform, about 80 feet below ground. The station is slated to open in Fall 2021 and will eventually bring up to 12,000 new riders a day to the heart of the U District and its local businesses. The U District Partnership is closely tracking station construction developments, and will work with related public agencies on the opening of the station.

Learn more about Sound Transit’s station design and plans here.

NE 43rd Street Improvement Project

In conjunction with the opening of the U District Light Rail station, the Seattle Department of Transportation is making streetscape and pedestrian improvements on NE 43rd Street between Brooklyn Ave NE and 15th Ave NE. The NE 43rd Street Improvement Project intends to create safe access to the new U District Light Rail station for all modes of travel, including walking, biking, or taking transit to the station. SDOT also hopes the improvements will benefit the nearby businesses, including the University Bookstore, US Postal Office, a large church, multiple retail shops and restaurants. Construction on NE 43rd began in August 2020 and will end in Spring 2021.

Learn more about the NE 43rd Street Improvement Project here.

Metro Route 44 RapidRide Improvements

Seattle Department of Transportation and King County Metro are exploring concepts for speed and reliability improvements for Metro Route 44, which runs from the Ballard Locks to the University of Washington Station. In 2019, the agencies began reviewing corridor needs and identifying community priorities. Improvements along the Route 44 line may include bus lanes, street lane changes, street signal changes, and intersection improvements. Work is scheduled to be complete in 2023. The U District Partnership is providing public comment on proposed designs, and will work to convene community stakeholders, SDOT, Metro, and other agencies to ensure that community voice is heard.

For more information, visit Seattle Department of Transportation project website here.

King County Metro Northlink Connections Mobility Project

In conjunction with the opening of the new Link Light Rail stations from the U District to Northgate, King County Metro is making changes to the bus transit network in North King County, including the U District. Other goals of the project include introducing new mobility to connect people to light rail, respond to changing transportation needs, and improve mobility and access for historically underserved populations. The work is scheduled to be completed in fall 2021. The U District Partnership is serving on the project’s Partner Review Board, which meets quarterly to learn about proposed network changes. Our goal is to update the U District community on information learned from Metro and partners in the Partner Review Meetings.

Learn more about the Metro Northlink Connections project here.

NE 12th and NE 43rd Street Paving Project

The 12th Ave NE and NE 43rd St Paving Project will repave the roadway and sidewalk along NE 43rd St from Roosevelt Way NE to Brooklyn Ave NE, and along 12th Ave NE from NE 45th St to NE 43rd St. The repaving project will prepare the area for more buses and pedestrian traffic in conjunction with the opening of the Link Light Rail U District Station in Fall 2021. The project also proposes to include a new protected bike lane on Brooklyn Ave NE between NE 43rd and NE 47th Streets. The U District Partnership is working with the Seattle Department of Transportation to ensure outreach to stakeholders through fall 2020. Construction is scheduled to begin Spring 2021 and be completed for the opening of the light rail station in Fall 2021.

Learn more about the NE 12th and 43rd Paving Project here.