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Support for Freeway Lids Advances

December 14, 2022

From The Urbanist Article: Support for Freeway Lids Advances in Seattle Comprehensive Plan by Natalie Bicknell Argerious

Language in support of freeway lids already exists in Seattle’s Comprehensive Plan, but the two new amendments, one to growth strategy and another to transportation strategy, provide specificity around the opportunities lids open up for the creation of affordable housing, open space, and safe connections for people walking and biking, especially near transit stops.

UDP Urban Vitality Manager Katy Ricchiuto also hopes that freeway lids will have a future throughout Seattle’s interstate corridor.

“Like many neighborhoods in the city, communities in north Seattle like the U District, Roosevelt, and Wallingford have been bifurcated by I-5 for decades. The new comprehensive plan amendments and major federal and state investments in I-5 mean the time is right to reclaim space over the highway,” Ricchiuto said in a written statement.