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U District Economy

U District – Seattle’s Fastest Growing Neighborhood

The U District is a cultural, commercial, and residential hub for North Seattle, and is rapidly expanding to join the center city and Bellevue as one of Seattle’s three “downtowns”. With a 2017 upzone that unlocked development opportunities, and the light rail station opening in 2021, the U District has and continues to experience unprecedented public and private investment.

Serving as the primary business district adjacent to the University of Washington, the U District is home to a variety of unique and diverse small businesses. From international cuisine, to unique shopping destinations, and opportunities to experience arts, culture, and entertainment – the U District offers an eclectic mix of small businesses that serve UW students and faculty, residents, and visitors.

U District Today

A thriving community interconnected with the University of Washington which attracts visitors from around the world.

  • 37,000+ U District Residents
  • 49,500+ UW Students
  • 26,000+ UW Faculty/Staff
  • 700+ Hotel Rooms
  • 12,000+ Daily Light Rail Ridership
  • 2.8M+ Visitors

Business Community

Home to diverse small businesses serving a unique mix of products and services found nowhere else.

  • 300+ ground-floor Commercial businesses
  • 150+ restaurants, cafes, bars, and breweries
  • 70+ retail shops
  • 20+ arts and entertainment venues

Development & Growth

Experiencing unprecedented investment including 20+ New Towers and the UW West Campus Expansion.

  • Residential Development
    • 4.8M+ SF of Residential 
    • 6,000+ Total Units
    • 3,700+ Units Under  Development
    • 9,000+ New Residents
  • Commercial Development
    • 1M+ SF of Office Space 
    • 150K+ SF of Life Science Space
    • 100K+ SF of New Ground-Floor Retail