UDP Board

The U District Partnership (UDP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization governed by a Board of Directors. The current operating policy is that the Board have a broad representation from throughout the District including two property owners, two business owners, two residents, one social service provider, one business tenant, up to four “at-large” representatives in the District, and four University of Washington representatives. The UDP Board meets on a monthly basis and is governed by bylaws (LINK) to oversee the work plan of UDP staff and address issues arising in the neighborhood.

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Board of Directors:

Sally J. Clark, Co-Chair of UDP Board, is the Director of UW’s Office of Regional & Community Relations. She serves on the UDP board as one of UW’s representatives. She also serves on the boards of the Arboretum and Botanical Gardens Committee, Seattle Jobs Initiative, and the Alliance for Gun Responsibility. “I lived in the district as a young adult and worked ‘back in the day’ at Bulldog News where I learned my barista people skills. I’m lucky that I get to serve on a Board that’s all about improving quality of life in my original Seattle neighborhood. The UW is committed to supporting the neighborhood and the UDP to be the best it can be for all who live, work and play in the District.”

Miles Richardson, Co-Chair of UDP Board, is the General Manager, V.P. for Audi Seattle/University Volkswagen. He was a board member of the University District Chamber of Commerce, a member of the UDP Steering Committee, and a founding member of the UDP board. “The UDP is a great organization with great people doing what we say we’ll do. We get things done and we are improving our great University District daily. We have many accomplishments and many more to come. I’m very honored to serve with all the great people associated with the UDP.”

UDP Board Secretary Lois Ko is the owner of Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery and a UW alum. She has served on the board for three years. “I came to Seattle as a UW undergrad in 2000 and have never left. The U District is where I had my first job, met my husband, had kids and am raising them, found my community, and established my business. It gives me great joy to serve this community as a board member.”

UDP Board Treasurer Rob Lubin is the Director of Facilities and Capital Development for the University of Washington’s Housing & Food Services. He is a founding member of the UDP Board. “As an employee at the UW and a resident in Wallingford, I am keenly interested in a safe and vibrant University District. The University District has a remarkable history in Seattle and the neighborhood will continue to improve its diverse living, dining, retail and commercial strength within Seattle.”

Stephen Antupit is the Principal Urban Strategist for CityWorks, Inc. He is a U District resident and community-based consultant who has served on the UDP board since 2018. He is also Vice President of the board for Neighborhood Farmers Markets— the nonprofit operator of farmer-focused and local-food farmers markets in seven Seattle neighborhoods including the University District. “As an almost three-decade resident and property owner in the community, I love this neighborhood. I feel it is my civic duty to participate as a volunteer and contribute my professional knowledge and expertise to address the opportunities and complex challenges facing our vibrant and diverse community.”

Jeanette Henderson is the Executive Director of UW Real Estate and was a founding member of the UDP board. “Servig on the UDP Board in one of the designated UW seats, I am pleased to be able to contribute to the community in this way to help it be as healthy and vibrant as possible for residents, businesses, visitors and all our University students, faculty and staff.”

Eric Lawson is the Assistant Dean of the UW College of Education and has served on the UDP board since 2018.

Anson Lin is the owner of Astora Construction and Development and a resident of the U District. He joined the UDP board in 2019 and serves on the Urban Vitality committee. “I want to do more for the community I grew up in and help it flourish into a neighborhood where people want to come work, live, play, and visit. Using my expertise in property management and development, I hope to address the needs of the residents in the U District by facilitating communication and building relationships with local businesses and local government. In addition, providing a safe, clean, and healthy environment is vital to the happiness of the people in the district and I want to ensure that is achieved.”

Louise Little is CEO of University Book Store, Inc. She is a business and property owner and an ex-officio member of the UW Alumni Association. She served on the U District Chamber of Commerce and was a founding member of the UDP Board.  “I am honored to serve on the UDP board and believe in the work we are doing to ensure the U District is a vibrant and welcoming place to live, work and play.”

Andrew McMasters is the founder of Jet City Improv. He has been operating a business in the U District since he moved Jet City to this neighborhood in 1997. “I have always believed that every financial decision is an artistic decision, and every artistic decision is a financial decision. I believe that business and the arts go hand in hand. In order for the U District to be the thriving arts district it is, you have to foster the entire neighborhood – its businesses, social services, faith communities and residences. I serve on the UDP because I want to foster the health of our community.”

Dawn Perry is the owner of Floating Bridge Brewing and joined the UDP board in 2019. “The UDP gives businesses and residents additional leverage and reach to continue to build the neighborhood as an exciting place to live, work and play.”

Barbara Quinn is a U District resident and a board member of the University Park Community Club. A founding member of the UDP board, she serves on the UDP Clean and Safe and Governance committees. “I have lived in the University District for 43 years and am passionately loyal to it. I want this neighborhood to be successful for everyone who lives, works, goes to school or does business in the U District. The work of the UDP board is a very important pathway to achieving these goals.”

Alfred Shiga is the owner Shiga’s Imports. He is a founding member of the UDP board and a board member for Kawabe House Senior Housing. “My family and I have a long history in U District and we are all working hard to try to help the University District to be an additionally diverse, vibrant and thriving community for all who call it home.”

Don Schulze is the President of Shultzy’s, a business he co-owns with his wife Susan Schulze. He is also President of University District Parking Associates (UDPA), a small business formed in 1944 by neighborhood business and property owners to provide customer parking to support area businesses. He served on the U District Chamber of Commerce board, the U District BIA board, and was a founding member of the UDP board. “I feel a commitment to a neighborhood involves personal contribution as well as public contributions. One of my ways to contribute publicly is through involvement in the UDP.”

Patricia Simpson, Pastor, University Temple United Methodist Church, has served on the UDP board for four years. She is a board member for ROOTS Young Adult Shelter and works with the University Temple Children’s School, Wesley Club Campus Ministry, Seattle King County Coalition on Homelessness, and the Homeless Remembrance Project. She serves on the UDP board because she is “committed to understanding and reporting relationships among all sectors of the community during this time of rapid change.”